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AUP Students' Submissions to the ART in ARC Pixel Gallery for Le Mois de la Photo, November 2006 (photos are in order of photographer's last name...) Click on thumbnail for larger image.

Bastian Cafe
Bastian dscf0214
Bastian dscf1064
Bastian dscf1355
Bastian dscf2404
Bastian dscf2409
Boulay Candy Fairytales in Barcelona
Boulay Cuban McDonalds
Boulay Egyptian Consultation
Boulay Roman Romance
Boulay The Lady of Trinidad Cuba
Bovy Beijing January 2005
Bovy Dakar December 2001
Bovy Eurostar February 2006
Bovy Gare de Bordeaux St Jean
Bovy New York August 2006
Bovy World Trade Center
Dumbadze Kolga
Dumbadze Mze Tklaposhi
Dumbadze Seria Aprebi
Green, A. img_1891
Green, A. img_1905
Green, A. img_9752
Green, A. img_9799
Kevonian Grand
Kevonian Hidden
Morser 20640023
Morser 20690006
Morser 20710008
Oetker Water
Oetker Water2
Oetker Waves
Petersen Dandelion
Petersen Gossip
Petersen Hear No Evil
Petersen Orchid
Petersen See No Evil
Petersen Sheets
Petersen Wires and Stones
Sassani img_0209
Tanabe Christ
Tanabe Comunist
Tanabe Florence
Tanabe London
Tanabe Manifestation
Tanabe Siena
Todd Ashly1
Todd Jon
Todd Shoes2
Vanderheyden Video002